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CODE: Q604

Garfish Premium Value Pack

Dollar-for-dollar, the best value garfish fishing pack going.  From pre-tied rigs to make-your-own rigs and accessories, you’re pretty much ready to target one of the best eating fish around.

The pack is made up of the following products;

  • 2x AAA Floats
  • 1x Timber Wolf Assorted Spit Shot Pack
  • 1x Strike Pro Fluorocarbon Leader, 5lb, 50m Spool
  • 1x Hookem, Octopus Beak, Hook #10 (30 piece) Packet
  • 1x Hookem, Long Shank (Red) Hook, #12 (30 piece) Packet
  • 1x Gillies, Garfish Rig, Size 20cm
  • 1x Jarvis Walker, Garfish Rig
  • 1x Todd, Float Stoppers, Small #17030
  • 1x Sunlight, Glow Stick, 45mm, Glow Green (2 piece) Pack
  • 1x Mustad, Swivel, Rolling-Round-Eye, #14 (10 piece) Pack
  • 1x Jarvis Walker, Hook Remover, Plastic, (1 piece)
  • 1x Tackle Worx, Ultimate Garfish Berley, 500g, Bag
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