Tonic Eyewear Shimmer Green Mirror $289.00
Tonic Eyewear Shimmer Photochromic Grey $289.00

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Tonic sunglasses are the smartest fishing glass that i have seen they have a range of lens colours to work in all conditions to spot and hunt your fish letting you see all the under water structure that holds fish This giving you the upper hand on spotting fish there are lots of frame types and shapes to suit you face shape and need they have some of the lights glass lens that i have seen as well as cr39 they have a high rate of scratch resistance in both lens materials have good sturdy carry cases There lens are glass photochromic copper 100%UV protection anti-reflective coating on the back surface stopping the light reflecting back on to your eye high contrast high definition lens and then these gray blue mirror light copper neon silver mirror green mirror red mirror


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