Special Snapper Catch Pack $50.00
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Crazy Cheap Covid Combo Pack

10 in stock

Sku:QUOTE 342


10 in stock

Need some fishing gear retail therapy thanks to the latest Victorian Covid lockdown?  Well we have put together a whole bunch of stupidly discounted packs that will allow you to replace, replenish and refresh the tacklebox without breaking the bank.

This pack is without exception and comes with:

1 x Mustad Crane Swivel Pack

1 x Shogun Lumo Sleeve Pack

1 x Hookem Octopus Circle Pack 8/0

1 x Eureaka 8 inch Fillet Knife

1 x Platypus Hard Leader 60lb 100m

1 x Hookem 3 Way Crane Swivel Pack

1 x Busted Fishing Ducks Nuts Sinker Slider Packs

Normally this pack retails in our store for $142.00 but for a limited time and number of packs its just $50.00 + express postage.  Crazy Deal – Get on it!

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