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The FCL Labo CSP S110S Sinking Stickbait is a versatile light tackle lure

The FCL Labo CSP S110S is a great light tackle sinking stickbait built with the same strong urethane body material as bigger lures in the FCL range. This lure has an outstanding track record for bay, offshore and coral flats work right around the world.

The CSP S110S is a slim, slow sinking stickbait which is easy to work with long sweeps or short sharp twitches of the rod tip, creating plenty of flash from the paint/foil design calling in fish from a distance. The CSP S110S is ideal for targeting longtail tuna, kingfish, mahi mahi, Omani bream, queenfish, emperors and trevally.

This lure is a must have for the bluewater light tackle junkie!

Type: Sinking Stickbait

Length (mm): 110

Weight (g): 40g with hooks

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

BB, Blue Yellow Glow, Flashy Fusi

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