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Lure/Jighead Snap!  For quick and easy interchangeability of small hard body lures and soft plastics lures.  Perfect for Ajing and Light Salt Game fishing.

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Hang (S) Lure/Jighead Snap

For example, the range where horse mackerel and rockfish are located has changed, for example, the water depth has changed due to movement. Replacing the jig head is troublesome at such times. Snap is an easy solution to that problem.
I’m sure many of you have already used it, but what you need for this snap and how easy it is to replace the jig head. Moreover, in a cold and dark situation.
It would be very difficult to hold such a small snap hand if it was clenched, isn’t it? Therefore, HANG has tried many times in the field, focusing not only on its strength but also on its ease of holding and attaching the jig head. How many samples have been remade … This shape was designed based on such results.

The eye connecting the lines is designed to be a little long, so it is very easy to hold and it is stress-free to hang the jig head.


Size: Small

Weight: 0.038 grams

Capacity: 3.5 kg

Package Quantity: 6 pieces per packet



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