Daiwa Emeraldas Peak +RV - Size 3.0 Squid Jigs $19.99
Keitech Easy Shiner 4 Inch $12.85

The new Daiwa Emeraldas Peak and Peak +RV squid lures have been used by our in-house eging experts with superb results.

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Daiwa Emeraldas Peak (Non Rattle) – Size 3.0

The premium offering in our squid jig range the new Emeraldas Peak is the most refined and technically advanced jig that we’ve ever created. A high-end premium cloth covered construction the Emeraldas Peak has been designed and tuned for optimum balance and performance.

The key evolution in design is an improvement in weight balance, with this enhanced balance delivering many benefits. The first noticeable being is a reduction in lure resistance through the water, and the second the ability to work the lure with greater ease. A small twitch rather than a more traditional rip or lift is all that’s needed to work the new Emeraldas Peak. 

Available in rattling (RV model) and non-rattling versions the Emeraldas Peak 3.0 is 14.5 gram in weight, features a new designed premium hook, and is available in expansive array of squid loving colours.


Asparagus, Bluesy Night Club, Danger Danger, Dawn Gate, Glow Happy Eternal, Glow Mach Guruku, Glow Pink, Glow Strawberry Angel, Glow White Night, Mach Black, Marble Mach Orange, Moon Light Hours, Peach Comet, Pink Mach, Purple Comet

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