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Major Craft – Bait Feather Light Egging Series

“The Ultimate Small Squid Slayer”

Summer and Autumn months are synonymous with small squid and lots of them.  Likewise, the use of smaller egi (squid lures) is almost a must, particularly in areas where squid have been subject to relentless pressure from anglers i.e. Mornington, Mount Martha, Rye etc.  The use of small egi sizes i.e. 1.8 and 2.0 that look and perform like small baitfish can make all the difference in the world in tough conditions.  This is where Major Craft’s Egizo Bait Feather fit the bill very well.  A lifelike appearance, colours and UV finishes combined with unique darting action really do separate these from many other squid lures on the market.


Introducing the “Bait Feather” series of bird hair bait trees designed by Dr. Sonoda.
The reverse “bait feather” that imitates the chest fin of the bait (small fish) can produce a light sharp reddart action by minimizing the resistance at the time of shaking! In addition, it has a large reverse effect on the flight attitude, reducing air resistance and increasing the flight distance. And the sinker shape is also a special design for sharp action that suppresses the resistance of water as much as possible, and in addition to increasing the flight distance, it is a design shape that is hard to take root.

1.8, 2.0


51 (Luminous Appeal Orange), 52 (Luminous Gold Brown), 53 (Luminous Orange Chartruese), 54 (Blue Luminous Appeal Red), 55 (Blue Luminous Appeal Pink), 56 Blue Luminous Red Orange), 57 (Blue Luminous Blue), 58 (Marble Green), 59 (Red Pink), 60 (Purle Purple)

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