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From One of the Biggest and Most Revered Squid Jig Makers in Japan

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Yo-Zuri EGI Ebi Q

Yo-Zuri (a division of Duel Corporation Japan) has long been a leading brand name in Japanese squid jig manufacturing. In fact, this brand has an extraordinary rich history of product innovation and performance.  The new EBI Egi Q range is yet another testament to Yo-Zuri’s abilities and product know-how.  

This new shrimp/prawn imitation incorporates many of Yo-Zuri’s patent design features i.e. 3D-Prism Shrimp Lens Body, Shrimp Eyes/Blue Luminous Eyeballs, Inner-Sheet, Semi-Transparent Cloth, Trick Hooks etc. In saying that, it’s the introduction of features such as the new Shrimp Hands, Shrimp Legs and Neon Flash bodies, all of which create another level of squid attraction to suit a range of applications in varying environmental conditions.  Typical of Yo-Zuri and Duel squid jigs, the EBI Egi Q range have superb finishes and artwork and in several cases have near life-like presentation.  Further to this, these squid jigs require little effort to get squid attracting darting and hoping action which is symonimous with eging..

Put simply, and based on our own testing, they’re an awesome squid lure and one that we rate extremely highly. 

It’s an almost real shrimp!

Realistic fluffy arms and legs makes outstanding bite!


Reproduce #1 Shrimp’s Body

Realistic body and natural shine with a sense of life.

Reproduce #2 Shrimp’s Hands

When swimming, the “shrimp hands” tremble to create a wave motion, appealing to squid with realistic movements.

Reproduce #3 Shrimp’s Legs

When falling, it stabilizes its sinking posture like a bird’s feather, and when it is stopped by a fluffy lure during action, it spreads out and drifts like a shrimp’s legs.

Reproduce #4 Shrimp’s Eyes

Green lamé with low appeal is used to reproduce realistic “shrimp eyes”.

Reproduce #5 Patent Lens Body

The “shrimp pattern lens” and “inner sheet” provide a natural appeal.
Reflected light from the inner sheet becomes life-like and natural through the lens, attracting squid.


This round shaped hook reduces snag and won’t let squid escape easily once it gets hooked.


The luminescence from the body is appealing even on cloudy days or murky water when UV rays are difficult to reach.
※NLM/NRDR only



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