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Step into the realm of angling excellence with the Atomic Arrowz Whiting Tip, a meticulously engineered rod designed to redefine your fishing experience. Boasting various rod weights so you can fish for whiting for multiple depths these rods are precision instruments. Its super-sensitive tip is finely calibrated to detect the most delicate takes, ensuring you remain attuned to subtle signals often unnoticed by others. Immerse yourself in a world where precision and finesse converge, empowering you to conquer the trickiest angling situations with ease.


The Whiting Tip serves as your gateway to a new level of angling sensitivity, where every encounter becomes an opportunity to showcase unparalleled skill and dedication. Prepare to unlock a heightened level of sensitivity and elevate your angling endeavours to unparalleled heights.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 85 × 11 × 11 cm

AAS-272 WTXD 6-14LB 7.2FT 2 Piece, AAS-274 WTD 6-12LB 7.4FT 2 Piece, AAS-276 WT 3-8LB 7.6FT 2 Piece

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