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Ajing and Light Salt Game Specialist Rod

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Palms Pin Wheel PFGS 63UL (Extra Fast)

The rod series that covers light salt games
proposes a new charm

NEW pinwheel consisting of a group of dedicated rods for the light salt game scene that can aim at various targets. We have added a new model that supports new methods and game styles, while keeping the commitment to aging and mevalling cultivated in successive series. NEW Pinwheel categorizes rods for rigs and methods that are mainly used, not for target fish. This makes it possible to cover various games that can be aimed with light tackle in the series. High operability of a single jig, flexibility to accurately hang a bite to follow, high handling performance to make bottom contact with a real hand. From the moment you pick up the rod, the field will expand in front of you.

Subname representing the method

The subname that makes the separate grip image the method of the light game is written. Carefully selected blank materials for each, and contribute to the operability of the light game with unique actions and power settings.

Guide setting

Equipped with a proven K guide system. The small diameter guide that demonstrates the original performance of the blank and establishes a delicate finesse game has been optimized and set according to the item.

Reel seat

Uses a skeleton sheet with unnecessary extravagant meat removed. By realizing light handling and eliminating as much as possible the elements that hinder the blank touch, the performance of sensing the signal from the tip is improved.

Separate handle, butt end

The parts that make up the grip inherit the track record of the previous model, which has been downsized by minimizing the mass. It also contributes to increased sensitivity by reducing the weight of the rod itself.



Length:  6ft 3inch

Sections: 2 piece

Action: Extra Fast

Line Rating:  PE0.2 – 0.4

Lure Weight:  0.4 to 3.5 grams

Rod Weight:  80 grams


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 11 × 11 cm
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