Seaguar Seabass Stealth Gray PE X8 Braid (150m Spool) $79.99
Seaguar Grandmax PE X8 Multi-Coloured Braid (300m Spool) $149.99

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[High Sensitivity] Uses Grand Max PE, which has the least elongation in our PE series.
[High strength] Thorough pursuit of strength by adopting an 8-piece set.
[High visibility] Thorough pursuit of visibility by adopting new pitch markings.
[Value Price] Thorough pursuit of cost performance.

We have a wide range of patterns from No. 0.4, which is suitable for detailed fishing methods, to No. 6, which can be used to target big fish such as blue-runners (Pelagics)


PE0.4 (9.1LB), PE0.6 (14LB), PE0.8 (18LB), PE1.0 (20LB), PE1.2 (23LB), PE1.5 (26LB), PE2.0 (35LB), PE2.5 (40LB), PE3.0 (48LB), PE4.0 (62LB), PE5.0 (78LB), PE6.0 (86LB)

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