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Premium, Japanese Made Fluorocarbon Shock Leader

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Рыболовная Леска Momoi (Момой)

Momoi Shock Leader FC

Shock Leader FC is a new concept fluorocarbon leader which fulfills both flexibility and strength needs for light game and shore game leaders respectively. It has high abrasion resistance, low elongation and flexibility. This Shock Leader FC is a high strength, easy to handle fluorocarbon leader. Using a connectable spool, it is not bulky and you can carry the spools easily.
It demonstrates high performance in a variety of genres from off shore to shore fishing.

Ultra High Strength MIJ Fluorocarbon
Processing: UR Processing
Color: Clear
Make-up: 30mtr spool (2LB – 12LB), 20mtr spool (16LB, 20LB), 15mtr spool (25LB, 30LB)


Light Game, Traut, Sea Bass, Eging, Shore Jigging, Tai Rubber (Sea Bream Jigging), Off Shore Boat Fishing


Japanese No. #0.6 #0.8 #1.0 #1.2 #1.5 #1.8
Standard Diameter 0.128 mm 0.148 mm 0.165 mm 0.185 mm 0.203 mm 0.218 mm
LB(test class) 2lb 3lb 4lb 5lb 6lb 7lb
Mtr/spool 30mtr 30mtr 30mtr 30mtr 30mtr 30mtr


Japanese No. #2.0 #2.5 #3.0 #4.0 #5.0 #7.0 #8.0
Standard Diameter 0.234 mm 0.261 mm 0.286 mm 0.330 mm 0.369 mm 0.437 mm 0.467 mm
LB(test class) 8lb 10lb 12lb 16lb 20lb 25lb 30lb
Mtr/spool 30mtr 30mtr 30mtr 20mtr 20mtr 15mtr 15mtr

10LB, 16LB, 20LB, 6LB, 8LB

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