Apia Mayol 80S (15g, Hardbody Lure) $35.99
Apia Punchline Muscle 95 (28g, Hardbody Lure) $37.99

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Supervised by Kunihiko Hamamoto. A big minnow with a feeble action that swims around the surface and makes you recognize it as a predator target. Following the concept of Ramtara, which surrenders itself to the flow of water, if you let it flow on the surface, it will generate a teaser V-shaped ripple, and if you swim within the set range of 30cm, it will cause a gentle wobbling roll. Combining high appeal and low appeal to capture rankers using various methods. Unlike big baits that are taller, the shape, lure weight, and moving center of gravity system expand the range of tackle use. With its size, buoyancy, and action, it is an indispensable weapon in the fall season, including falling sweetfish.


Made in Japan


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