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V-17K 2S – Replacement Squid Jig Crowns
(Packet contains two sets of replacement crowns)

Specialised design ‘Snag Resistant’, replacement squid jig crowns for size #2.5 to #3.5 Harimitsu Sumizoku VE-22 series egi (squid jigs). Also suitable for most commercially made egi.

Easy Removal and replacement of damaged crowns.


1. Boil Water and fill a large cup
2. Place damaged squid jig in cup, crowns facing downward.
3. Sit in boiling water for approximately 60 seconds.
4. Take squid jig out of cup and remove damaged crowns with pliers.
5. Allow squid jig to completely dry.
6. Mix 2-Part, clear, 5 minute Araldite epoxy.
7. Fully coat replacement squid jig crowns ‘stem’ with epoxy and insert into squid jig. Insert in a circular motion.
8. Stand squid jig in a vertical position, crown side down.
8. Allow the epoxy to fully harden (min. 24 hours) before using.

Note: Replacement crown stem may require shortening when being used in non Harimitsu Sumizoku VE-22 squid jigs.

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