Tools used for fishing such as pliers, knife sharpeners etc.

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Clicks International Squid Jig Carry Box


Cobalt Blue Egi Pegs 4-Piece Pack (Squid Jig Crown Covers)


Daiichiseiko Auto King Frame 48-550X (Frame and Net to suit 550X Gaff)


Daiichiseiko Egi Rack SS (Washable Squid Jig Case)


Daiichiseiko Gar Grip MC Custom (Fish Grip Pliers)


Daiichiseiko Knot Assist 2.0 (Knot Tying Tool)


Daiichiseiko Nogi Scale 125 (Compact Fishing Measuring Tape)


Daiichiseiko Nogi Scale 65 (Compact Fishing Measuring Tape)


Daiwa Emeraldas Ikashime Spike (Squid Spike Tool)


Rapala Fish & Game Shears


Shimano 4.7 Inch Power Braid Scissors


Shimano JDM Pliers


Shimano PR Bobbin


Shout P.E Braid Scissors


Tackleworx XXX Marine Stainless Braid / Wire Cutters (Braid Scissors)

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