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Ajing / Light Salt Game Specialist Jighead

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Aji Killer Feel (Jighead)

Fall posture, sensitivity to use, balance during action, straightness.

“Ease of use” that you can feel because you have these at a high level.

The simple round head reacts obediently to the angler’s operation, creates a feeling of resistance by receiving water in the recess provided in the front, and improves the rig’s operation feeling even when using a lightweight jig head of 1 g or less. Let me.

Equipped with a horse mackerel killer hook [speed].

Please enjoy this comfortable feeling.


Wire Gauge:  STAND WIRE

Hook Size: # 10

Weight Sizes: 0.6g / 0.8g / 1.0g / 1.3g / 1.5g

Package Quantity: 5 pieces per packet




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