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Bassday’s Kangoku 27S is an excellent lure choice for both estuary and freshwater systems, particularly when targeting small fish species like bream, bass, estuary perch, trout etc.  The tiny 27mm body, detailed art-work and its wobble action makes for a highly irresistible bite size lure.

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Bassday Kangoku 27S

This is the ”Jelly Bean” of the Bassday Kangoku Series and is deadly around structure. Available in Sinking or Floating this lure is deadly in racks or windy areas where casting distance is of importance. With its small profile and weight it casts like a rock and is great for those windy days.


Style: Sinking
Size: 27mm
Weight: 3.0g
Depth: 0.5m
Action: Wide Wobble


C-41, C-66, C-83, F-02, HA-91, M-09, MB-10, MR-102

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