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Careful design features such as lure length, action, weight and colours/patterns/uv finishes make this tournament style lure an absolute dynamite choice for bream and many, many other estaury fish species.

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There no denying the effectiveness of a slow-rolled crankbait on estuary species such as bream. With Daiwa’s expansion of the INFEET concept over the past year, it only made sense to redevelop the original Rollin’ Crank.
A diminutive crankbait, the new INFEET Rollin’ Crank measures only 32mm, making it the go-to crankbait for when conditions are tough, or fish are playing hardball. Thanks to the compact shape of the body, these crankbaits casts exceptionally well for their weight – especially when paired with the matching slow tapered blue/white coloured INFEET rods.

For the INFEET version, Daiwa turned to their expert anglers to tune the crankbaits to perfectly suit the varied conditions tournament anglers face when fishing for bream all throughout Australia.

A brand-new colour range consisting of some small tweaks on existing favourites and some all-new colours sure to be a hit with both anglers and fish alike.

The tweaks don’t end there either, with new BKK Spear 21SS treble hooks now adorning the baits making them stronger than ever before and more suitable to the southern fisheries where big blue nose bream can make a mess of light treble hooks in seconds.

The brand-new range of INFEET Rollin’ Cranks is available in both an MR and DR version to cover all depths ranging from the shallow weedy flats of St Georges Basin to the steep rockwalls of the Clarence River.


Lure Type: Rolling Cranbait

Lure Length: 32 millimetres

Lure Weight: 3.6 grams

Diving Depth: 2.0 metres


01 Fubuki, 02 Moebi, 03 Blood Worm, 04 Clear Gill, 05 Brown Suji UV, 06 Matte Black UV, 07 Sand Crab, 08 Matte Prawn, 09 Blue Suji Prawn, 10 Sunny Gill

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