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Bullet Lures – Kill Shot 60Five Lures

This is the first Cod/Yellowbelly designed lure out of the Bullet Lure Stable which I named the Kill Shot 60Five.

It has full through wire and equiped with Owner hooks and split rings.

On testing this lure it was very successful on hooking Murray cod, Yellowbelly, Bass and Redfin just to name a few.

It has a loud rattles and a tight action at faster retrieve speeds or slow wind and produces a nice head shake that you feel all the way to the rod tip.

Trolling the Kill Shot 60Five will get you 8m+ depending Speed, line used and how far running out the back.

It has been a very successful lure casting from the boat to the bank and working its way down the ledge through snags.

Bullet lures have been designed with many years of testing and altering to get the best performance and hook up rate for this particular lure.




65mm (13.4 grams)


KS65-PA01 Black Widow, KS65-PA02 Green Widow, KS65-PA03 Angolina, KS65-PA04 Pearl Widow, KS65-PA05 Yellow Pearl, KS65-PA06 Fire Tiger, KS65-PL01 Spawning Brown

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