Nomad Design DTX Minnow 165mm $30.20
Bomber Long 15A Tripple Pack 7 (Colours: XMKOHD, GPTBRO and XM7HD) $39.99

Our Most Popular Selling Barra Lure.

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Australian Custom Bomber Lure Packs


The Bomber lures team have created the perfect lure pack in certain sizes to help you target your species with confidence.

Bomber Pack 7: 3 x 15A XMKHD lures


The Bomber Long A is a legendary slender minnow jerkbait made for twitching for bass and trolling/casting for big Barramundi and other gamefish. The Long A mimics a minnow’s lifelike swimming action when trolled or retrieved at a constant pace, but darts erratically to the side when retrieved with a “twitch-twitch-pause” cadence. Multiple color patterns means there’s a Long A perfect for your day of fishing.


Model Size (in.) Weight (oz.) Hook Sz. Cranking Depth Trolling Depth
B15A 4.5 in. 1/2 oz. #4 3 ft. 6 ft.
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