Palms Bit Arts Miniature Dax (7 Grams) Original price was: $13.99.Current price is: $10.49.

Specialist micro-jigging lure for estuary and pelagic species from rocks, surf, pier or boat.

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Palms Bit Arts Miniature Dax

Finesse jig that inherits the pedigree of achievements, miniature dachshund

It is a finesse version of the DAX series that has built up a track record in light jigging. By redesigning the silhouette and weight balance, we have achieved a high level of both response to rod work and stability of the fall posture. Light weight jigs weighing less than 10g tend to lose control, but miniature dachshunds have just the right amount of resistance, so you can always grasp the behavior of the jig. Roll Yoshi! Invite me, Yoshi! Yoshi! Experience the triple threat performance with salt finesse.


Body weight 10g 42mm 8 colors Hook: Front Original Assist / Rear #12



G-04, H-10, H-164, H-98, MG-09, MG-165, MG-166, MG-530

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