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“Shore Slow Jigging Specialist Lure”

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Slow Blatt Cast – Slim

30 Gram Casting Jig

Shore throw suggestions

Shore throw created by fusing slow jigging, which is effective for various fish species, with shore style. By carving the pitch and accurately capturing the range, it is possible to aim at a wide range of targets. A new form of shore jigging that can thoroughly attack the bite range that would pass in an instant with normal shore jigging. This is the strength and fun of Shoreslow. Not only migratory fish, but also flat fish, rock fish, and many other fish are targeted. Widen the range of strategies by using slim and wide with different weight balances.

Slim slobe for long-distance & steep field capture
Ratcast Slim is a weight balance design of almost the center where response is the top priority. We pursued a balance that minimizes tailing risk while accurately acquiring part-time job opportunities.

Weight balance

Weight balance

Avoiding tailing is essential for a shore throw. By optimizing the weight balance according to the distance to the point and the target water depth, it is possible to develop the game comfortably and as intended.

Dedicated hook is standard equipment

Dedicated hook is standard equipment

On the shore throw, there are two bite chances, reeling and falling. Therefore, two hooks on the front and tail are essential. A decoy twin pike is standard equipment on the front and a decoy original single short pike is standard equipment on the tail.


Lure Length: 70mm

Lure Weight: 30 grams


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