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ARGO69 is a small top water plug produced by Kunihiko Hamamoto. While following the characteristics of the ARGO series that attracts with a variety of actions such as dog walking, splashing, and V-shaped ripples when reeling for free, by setting the buoyancy to sinking, it is easy to control the lure under the water surface even though it is a small plug. It also achieves impressive flight distance. It is useful not only for sea bass and sea bass, but also for top games such as rockfish and plated fish.


Total length: 69mm
Weight: 8.5g
Type: Sinking
Hooks: Treble #8 × 2pcs


01 Hammer Chart, 02 Do Chart, 03 Triple White Flash, 04 Natural blue, 05 Pearl Candy, 06 Pink back candy, 07 Titanic Black, 08 Gurikin Kohada, 09 Haku, 10 Peach clear glitter

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