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The Slim Popper specialized for catching Kingfish.
No doubt most anglers who want to catch Kingfish with top water lures have used stick baits.
Most of them have experienced situations where stick baits are not effective.
“We know there are Kingfish. But they don’t become active”, “The Kingfish doesn’t hook up even though it chases and attacks”
We have come across these conditions many times. Finally we have arrived at the idea of using a “Slim Popper”.

There are situations where stick baits can’t cope.
For example repeated miss bites due to its action or the line is swept by the wind and the lure jumps or slips on the surface.
The “Duck Dive” which is specialized for Kingfish overcomes such tough conditions.
It has overwhelming castability due to its weight moving system and level floating posture on the surface for easy bites.

The way to use the “Duck Dive” differs from a stick bait. The angler can make a Slow Popping action by swinging the rod downward softly.
Due to the level floating posture, it doesn’t dive to much and we can make the popping action with continuous twitching actions even over a short distance.
As a result we can appeal to the fish more around good locations or target areas where Kingfish stay.

Slim Popper : It is easy to bite for Kingfish because Duck Dive popping actions.

Diving Stick bait : It is effective for caoutious fish, but a little difficult to bite.

Even in rough conditions, the castability is excellent due to the slim shape and magnet weight moving system.
We recommend anglers use it in situations where they have given up on stick baits.


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