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EGI-OH K 10th Anniversary Model.

EGI-OH K limited edition color by YAMASHITA Eging Meister Eisuke Kawakami and Manabu Tsuge.

Limited Quantity


A lineup of four specialty colours and patterns that incorporate Yamashita’s flag ship egi (squid jig) product, the EGI-OH K.  Oveseen at every step by Yamashita’s Eging Meister Eisuke Kawakami and Manabu Tsuge, the Meister’s Edition is a must have series for any serious egi angler.  Likewise, for those that are new to eging, the Meister’s Edition take all the guess work from choosing the most appropriate colours for the prevailing conditions i.e. time of day, water clarity, activity period etc.

Colours and Applications

Colour: Z003 KO
Application(s): Day time, Prime time, cloudy, rainy weather

Colour: Z004 KOL
Application(s): Prime time, night time, deep water

Colour: Z005 SSS
Application(s): Day time, slightly muddy water

Colour: Z006 YYS
Application(s): Prime time, night time


Z003 KO, Z004 KOL, Z005 SSS, Z006 YYS

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