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Big Squid Specialist Lure from one of Japan’s Biggest Squid Jig Designer/Manufacturer

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Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $22.99.

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Life-Like! Outstanding Attracting Effect!!

The 3D prismatic effect diffuses life-like light from all angles to attract squids.
Semi-transparent cloth transmits natural light.


3D Prism Shrimp Lens
“3D Prism Shrimp Lens” generates life-like light

Semi-transparent Cloth
Semi-transparent cloth transmits natural light.
※Not all colors. Some colors are painted finish.

Inner Sheet
Reflected light by the inner sheet creates a life-like light and attracts squids.

Blue luminous eye balls
Blue luminous eye balls with light wavelengths (488nm) that are easily detected by squid and “3D Prism Shrimp Lens” with Semi-transparent cloth, these two generate effective wavelengths and attract squids.

Rolling swivel line eye
Creates irregular action then entice squids.
Prevents tangling of line.

COLORED FEATHERS indicate the body colors.
Green: Luminous
Blue: Super Blue Luminous
Purple: UV Purple
Red: UV Orange
White: Clear


03 LMOG, 06 SBMP, 09 CLMB, 10 CBS

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