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The SwimFreak – AMBUSH is the ‘Unique Aussie’ in the Millerods swimbait rod range. Purpose-designed for accuracy casting using big-baits, it’s a real Australian ‘swimbait’ casting rod. Previously only available as a custom build, this model built a hardcore following and is now available as a production model!

River environments, tree-lines of impoundments and other snaggy areas sometimes require a rod that is a little shorter and more manoeuvrable than your standard length swimbait rod. The action is very user-friendly as it loads easily yet still has the power to cast larger lures. This allows you easily and accurately place the lure where you want to land it so that it can be retrieved into the strike zone.

At 7’0” overall length, the AMBUSH is incredibly well balanced, and amazingly sensitive! Super-light in the hand, but packing enough punch to target our biggest river and lake monsters on their terms, and come out on top!

Well suited to casting lures in the 60-180gm (2-5oz) bracket, this model has a nicely practical sweet spot of casting weights between 75-120gm, covering a wide variety of popular big-baits including offerings from international brands such as Megabass, Savage Gear, River to Sea, ABT, Gan Craft, 22nd Century, Huddleston, Spro, Deps as well as home-grown big fish catchers from Nutterjuck, Mudeye, JJs Plague, Bassman, JHM, Thirsty and others.

This truly unique design is ideal to have on the deck for when you get into the tight casting situations, or as a full-time primary rod for those fishing river environs where accuracy and landing your big-bait a little more softly is paramount.

The Ambush is the ideal big bait rod for both barra and cod in these situations.

When you know the fish is going to be laid up tight in an area where there’s not much room to move… it’s time for an AMBUSH!


7’0” 2pc – Detachable handle

Fast/Multi-loading action

Recommended line 30-60lb

Recommended lure weights 60-180gm

Lure ‘Super-Sweet’ Spot 75-115gm

Conventional Fuji Alconite 10+1 multi-guide train

Smallest guide size #7 for leader knot clearance

Millerods Custom XH Hook Keeper

Actual rod weight only 160gm!

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 85 × 35 × 35 cm
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