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A short model that emphasizes operability and sensitivity in ajing games A short
model that believes in overwhelming operability in close-range games such as around night lights in fishing ports.
There is also a vibration transmission performance that comes from its length, and it is also ideal for a style that actively hangs the bite you feel. The lightest weight in the series enables sharp swings when casting, and also ensures sufficient flight distance in close-range battles. Ease of use is demonstrated even in boat games that can be vertical attacks.

Target Species:  Light Game, Fresh Water and Estuary Species
Rig: Jig head
Length] 5’5” (1.65m)
Power Rating: No.00
Closed Dimension: 85.3cm
Rear Grip Length: 18.5cm *From reel foot position to bat
end Number] 2 (reverse parallel)
Weight: 49g
Applicable Lure Weight: 0.2-3.5g
Applicable Lline: 0.8-2lb, PE: #0.1-0.3
Tip: Solid
Blank: 40t/30t/24t
Guide: Fuji Sic-S Titanium Frame AT & Stainless Frame K Guides
Reel seat: Fuji VSS16 Hood: SKDPS

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One of the development themes of “Grandage Light” is its own weight value. Among them, “Light 55”, the shortest model in the series specializing in Aging, is clearly visible as a result of achieving its own weight of 49g in this price range. First of all, its lightness solves the problem of flight distance, which can be a negative factor due to its shortness. It has a good balance with the recent lightweight reels, and it is possible to swing through lightly and sharply even when casting. As a result, even an under 1g jig head rig secures more than enough flight distance in short-distance battles. At the same time, its lightness and short length of 5ft gives you the feeling of operability that makes you feel as if you are pinching and moving the line. In the test of the same model, we narrowed down to the game under the night light where the short length is useful, and dared to select the horse mackerel as the target size, which requires vibration transmission ability. Forgetting that it was a test, I ran the fishing port every night, and the feeling of operation that I could not get with the 6ft range rod that I had been using before was a rod that once again taught me how fun it is to have a short length.
We would like everyone to enjoy “jig single jig” with “Light 55” equipped with lightness and operability that support the fun of jigging, vibration transmission ability that greatly affects fishing results and game playability.
Toyohiro Sakanaka


Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 170 × 9 × 9 cm
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