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Originally designed as a technique-specific rod for fishing small hard-bodied lures, the action of the TwitchFreak is ‘multi-loading’ which is ideal for this style of fishing. Initially presenting as a fast action, once pressure is applied the blank begins to flex more in the mid-section which helps protect the hook-holds of small trebles and vastly reduces instances of pulled hooks.

The tip action has just the perfect amount of power for a ‘twitching’ retrieve that is so effective on many fish!

The lower section of the blank has the power to pull harder on the fish if that becomes required.

With all these blank attributes working together during the cast, the TwitchFreak exhibits excellent casting distance that is comparable with much longer rods!

This is the Light model, designed for casting and twitching lures in the 2-10gm range including crankbaits, shallow and medium divers, and also surface lures. Many other techniques are also successfully fished on the TwitchFreak due to the user-friendly, smooth multi-loading action.

The TwitchFreak performs perfectly with either mono (FC) or braid lines with mono leaders^. The KR guide train is a composite selection of Fuji’s titanium frames for corrosion resistance, in semi-micro sizes. Ceramics are Fuji’s very best Torzite for smaller guides combined with the very latest ‘SlimRing’ SiC ceramic in the larger guides to further reduce unwanted weight.

6’10” 1pc

Rod weight only 94gm!

Multi-loading action

Recommended line 2‑3lb FC; 4-8lb braid

Ideal lure range 2‑7gm

Combination non-corroding titanium guide train comprising;

-Fuji Titanium-Torzite T-KGTT tip-top and T-KTTG semi-micro guides (#4.5 smallest)

-Fuji Titanium T-SiC ‘SlimRing’ T-KLSG guides

Custom Millerods anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 85 × 35 × 35 cm
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