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Optimized shaft diameter settings for each size assuming interaction with big bass. Small barb x TC coating provides penetration power that does not make you feel the thickness of the shaft diameter. The form is based on the piercing treble, but it has been redesigned to have a long shank in order to make even weak bites .

Tools for catching extra large fish

Based on the piercing treble, it has been redesigned to have a long shank in order to make even weak bites come to life.
In addition, in order to have sharp penetrating power even though it is a large hook, we have applied a small barb and TC coat.
Furthermore, the variable shaft diameter design takes into consideration the intended use of each size, achieving an exquisite balance between penetration force and strength.[#2/0, 1/0]
When hooking up with a plug that cannot fit into the fish’s mouth, it is also important to hook up to the area around the mouth where there are scales.  To do this, it is essential to penetrate the hard scales with the barb, so we have set the shaft to be thinner than conventional products, increasing the penetration power to the maximum.


#0, #1, #1/0, #2/0

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