Hayabusa Jack Eye Ace (Shore Jigging Metal Lure) 20 Grams Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $14.99.
Maria Pop Queen F130 (40 grams) $37.95

Excellent, large darting action makes this a highly attractive lure for Pelagic Species

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The 4th Gigaro family that allows anglers to slide at will in shore jigging.As the name suggests, the Gigaro Super Slide is a model created to achieve the highest level of slide in the series.With the low sync rate of Z Light Metal as a weapon, the overwhelming slide obtained by brushing up the balance of the symmetrical body induces cunning blue fish bites that have not used their mouths until now.
The slow fall after inviting it even further realizes sharp tactics that “fascinates and eats”. that is close to normal Jigaro also supports anglers as an advantage in shore jigging. Gigaro super slide that opens up further possibilities for shore jigging .


G-04, H-116, H-35, H-615, H-616, MG-10

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