APIA Grandage Atlas Blue Runner 100HH (Spin Rod) $860.00
APIA Grandage Atlas Blackfin 109H (Spin Rod) $790.00

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A power model that specializes in blackfin seabass on the beach and can handle medium-sized blue-runners.

The GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN series consists of a lineup with stronger repulsion and power than conventional blackfin seabass rods. The approach of the lure to the wind speed of 10m, and the landing at the time of stormy weather, such as riding up to the beach or pulling it up, rock blackfin is always forced to fish under harsh conditions. However, even if you do not carelessly approach the rough water surface, it is possible that the rod power will lead you to a safe landing. The GRANDAGE Atlas Blackfin series is not an extension of the seabass rod as in the past, but you will feel the big-boned feeling that makes you think that it is a rod for blue-runners at first glance.

Blackfin 102HH

Length: 10’2″ (3.099m)
Lure: 15-70g (Plug: MAX 60) g
Line: PE #1.5 – 3.0
Weight: 275g
Material: TORAYCA® M40X / T1100G / M46J / M40J / T800S / NANOALLOY® technology
Exterior: Shield tech
Guide: Fuji stainless steel frame SiC-S
Reel Seat: Down Lock

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 170 × 9 × 9 cm
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