APIA Seiryu Hyper 40g (Shore Casting Jig) $22.99
APIA Foojin'RS Lynx 93M (Spin Rod) $670.00

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This tiny 10g lure is an essential tool for any light game angler. 

Just like the larger Seiryu Hyper, this micro jig can be cast and rolled (retrieved) with plenty of body action and flashing effect that gets fish both curious and aggressive.  Further to this, traditional bottom hoping or slow, one-pitch and half-pitch (rod and reel action) techniques work quite effectively when targeting bottom dwelling fish or inactive fish.  Likewise, the tough and beautiful artwork makes for an excellent baitfish imitation and the range of colours and patterns on offer pretty much covers varying light and water conditions that anglers are likely to encounter. 

The weight and shape of this lure lend itself to improved aerodynamic characteristics which often considerably outcast both soft-plastics and hard body lures of equivalent size and/or shape.  This factor significantly increases the search range of the lure and the oppertuntiy of striking fish.  

Assist hook and treble hook are standard equipment. 

From Apia Japan


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