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The latest stickbait by Maria Japan, the Rapido. Rapido has an irregular rolling action and a unique swimming action that is effective even when conditions are tough. Ideal for kingfish and tuna and many others the slim profile floating body sits tail down on the pause.

Strong wire through body.

Size: 130mm

Weight: 30g

Buoyancy: Floating

Fitted with Owner ST-66 #1 trebles

Made in Japan

[Normal Jerk]=Dive & Slalom swim action like bait fish.

[Short Jerk]=The balance of Rapido does not collapse.

[Twich]=Dog walk action and smooth diving action.

In speedy short jerk the lure swims under the surface.


B01H, B02D, B04C, B06H, B08H, B13H, B24D

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