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“SASOI-AGE” is the fishing method used to search deep water locations that are unable to be traced with the “RERISE” series. Heavier model can search deeper areas.

This new method that Maria suggesting can catch low activity migratory fish, that can not be attracted by metal jigs.

A small profile heavy weight stickbait. Ideal for kingfish, tuna and many other pelagics.

A favourite for rock and boat fishos alike.

– 105mm 40g Sinking Speed 40cm/sec

– Wire through Construction

– 105mm has Owner ST-56 #2 trebles

– Maria Fighters oval ring #6

– Level sinking with a shimmy fall

– Made in Japan

Lure action images
①Let RERISE sink to the bottoms. (Sinking speed : 0.7 m / sec.)
②Make short jerking with slack line.
③Making a long jerk will generate a S-shaped swimming action.
④Let RERISE sink to the depth which we want to track. (About 5 ~ 10 m)
⑤Free falling
⑥Continue from ②~⑤


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