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The SFT Takumi Lure Series is purpose designed to attract the most elusive predators through its brilliant vibing action.  Perfect for casting or trawling, it offers a unique bib design that enables the lure to not blow out on rough days like normal bibbed or deep diving lures do.
Available in a range of sizes and weights to ensure you can attract kingfish, tuna, mackerel, whatever you want to target.
Lure Design Features:
  • Full stainless steel through wire construction for ultimate strength (200kg breaking strain)
  • Ergonomic fin design for straight tracking
  • Owner Cultiva treble hooks
  • Tight vibing action
  • Power split-rings and combination rings
Lure Specifications:
Length: 75mm, 95mm, 125mm
Weight: 65g
Type: Sinking, trolling
Diving Depth: 1.8m
Swimming Action: Tight vibe action
Hook: OWNER ST66 trebble hooks-1/0# & 2/0
Connecting Ring: SFT Power Combine Ring 6#100LB
Split Ring: SFT Power Split Ring 7#170LB
Recommended Main Line: PE3#~6#
Recommended Leader: 40LB~100LB

S-001, S-003, S-004, S-005, S-006, S-008, S-009, S-010, S-011, S-012, S-014

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