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The Ever Green Egi Bancho has long been regarded as one of the best, premium quality squid jigs.   Famous across the world these squid jigs feature both the quality-of-finish and performance that you would expect from one of Japan’s biggest fishing tackle company.

The slim and sharp body profile produces darting and hoping action with little effort, irrespective of the anlgers experience.  The incorporation of a large, unique glow eye and time proven body colours (foil and cloth) and patterns are both highly effective on squid and effectivley cover any eging application.  The the double layered crown with its ultra-sharp stainless steel prongs ensure easy and effective penetration for a deep and secure hook-up.

original line eye

Original appealed eye

Insert plate/original sinker (registered as a utility model)

Sharpness Aeroform

Carbon shaft/stainless steel hook



#3.0, #3.5


#0112RE, #0305R, #0403R, #0408HS, #0512CLY, #0603HS, #0605RB, #0801Y, #0904HS, #UV0113G, #UV0115PK, #UV0223GL, #UV1001S, #UV1102G

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