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Yamashita 2023 EGI OH F (Standard Colours) - In Store Now $14.99

A specialised jig for clear water conditions and when squid are particularly cautious 

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I’d like to start EGING…
The entry level model ”EGI-OH F” is available to respond to the angler’s demand.
※Overseas limited model

“F” contains a wish for :

FUN :  Let beginners enjoy the fun of EGING.
FAN :  To make beginners become fans of EGI-OH series.
FIRST ONE :  We want beginers to catch squid for the first time with EGI-OH F.

11 basic colours are easy to make colour rotations and they are of use for various water colour situstions.

Thanks to the colour rotations we can find the best colour for the day.

The new Yamashita EGI OH F series carries 5 natural colours which imitate real bait fish.

We recommend you use them in situations where there is clear water, plenty of bait fish or tough conditions where  the basic colours don’t get a reaction.

The outer cloth of the natural colours is smooth, so the water resistance is less and the movement is more natural.

This lure is effective an option for nervous squid.





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