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“Our Most Popular Selling Colour in the Gan Craft Egijya Range”

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Gan Craft is one of Japan’s boutique lure manufacturers and their products are highly regarded internationally for their superior quality of construction and finish, unique designs as well as their superb performance.  Their Egijya range of egi (squid jigs) is a great example of these wonderful attributes.

In conjunction with Paul Carter (Australia’s own Egi Master) and Gladiator Tackle, Gan Craft put together a range of colours and patterns specifically for our local market.  Whilst all these proved highly successful, it was colour #36 Kuma King George Whiting that really stole the show.

This King George Whiting imitation with its pale gold foil and intricate cloth colouring/pattern proved highly effective, particularly as it imitated one of the major food sources of our Southern Calamari.

If there is one squid jig we’d highly recommend keeping in your day-to-day egi arsenal, its this one……hands down.


#3.0, #3.5

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