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“Our Most Popular Squid Jig Range”

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Available in 6 sizes, the Egi Sutte are incredible value for money.

Each jig utilises a clear glow body (with varying cloth and tape types) and colour patterns to suit a very wide range of applications.  From tiny squid through to trophy monster models and at any time of the day, the Egi Sutte R has you covered.

The slim head design and knife edge sinker make these an easy to use squid jig with minimal effort required to achieve both darting and hoping action.  The super fine stainless steel hooks enable excellent hookups without the corrosion issues often seen in cheaper quality jigs.

Cloth Types:

Four types of cloth are available as indicated by the first letter of each colour:

  • R = La-me cloth
  • B = Classic cloth
  • X = Classic cloth with rainbow undertape
  • N = Natural baitfish coloured cloth


24 colours available in sizes: 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 2.5

20 colours available in sizes 3.0, 3.5


Size,   Lengths,   Weights,   Sinking Speeds

#1.5:     4.5cm,         3.0g,            8.0-9.0 sec/m

#1.8:     5.4cm,         5.0g,            8.0-9.0 sec/m

#2.2:    6.6cm,         6.5g,            8.0-9.0 sec/m

#2.5:    10cm,          10g,             4.0-4.5 sec/m

#3.0:    11.5cm,        15g,             3.0-3.5 sec/m

#3.5:    13cm,          20g,              3.0-3.5 sec/m


BK Black, BRH Red White, BWO Glow Orange, BWP – Glow Pink, NAJ Glow Olive Natural, NIY Glow Pink Stripe, NKN Glow Mullet, NQS Glow Sardine, NUM Glow Blue, RO Glow Orange La-Me String, RP Glow Pink La-Me String, XBG Glow Orange Rainbow, XBO Glow Orange Rainbow Tape, XBV Glow Purple Rainbow, BHT Glow Hot Tiger, BOL Glow Olive Rainbow Tape, BY Glow Yellow Rainbow Tape, NEB Glow Natural Stripe Brown, NIB Glow Natural Red, NMI Glow Pilchard, NSB Glow Natural Saba, ROL Glow Olive, RW Glow White, XBGBR Glow Golden Brown Rainbow Tape, XBOL Glow Olive Rainbow Tape, XBP Glow Pink Rainbow Tape


1.8, 1.5, 2.2, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5

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