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DOVER 46SS (Slow Sinking)
[Produced by Shinya Kenjo]

  • Slow sinking minnow that makes it easy to trace a certain depth range that is ideal for light game species in both fresh and salt water environments.
  • By managing size, profile and weight, this lure creates a natural micro bait profile in a feeding/floating position.
  • Not only for small fish, slow retrieve supports many larger fish, particularly many of the larger estuary species.
    * By making the subsidence posture closer to the horizontal, combined with the slow subsidence speed, it also induces a bite during the fall.
  • Reliable design with DECOY hooks that can handle fish in larger sizes.

Total length: 46mm
Weight: 2.3g
Type: Slow sinking
Action: Woven roll
Range: 10-60cm
Hook: DECOY Y-F33B #14


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