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The Duplex minnow is designed for long casts and high speed retrieves giving you more chance of a strike. It’s fitted with quality Owner trebles and rings and has an excellent wobble and roll action. Ideal for targeting tuna, bonito, salmon, kingfish and tailor, it is also very effective fished from the beach as it will easily reach the bottom to attract flathead and flounder.

Thanks to the heavy weight body, anglers can search a wide area/range that a normal minnows can’t reach.
When retrieving fast, it swims with a wobbling action and has a high appeal.
There are situations where metal jigs can reach the target but they don’t attack, they attack the minnow but it doesn’t cast far enough or they only respond with a fast retrieve.
The heavy weight sinking minnow “DUPLEX” works well in such situations.

Colours: 8 colours

Sizes: 80mm 31g

Buoyancy: Sinking

– Maria Fighters oval ring #6

– Level sinking with a shimmy fall

– Made in Japan


B01H, B06H, B08H, B09H, B29H, B30H, B31H, B32C

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