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Sku:BassFreaK XH 601


BassFreaK XH 601

6’0″ 1pc

Medium action

Recommended line 4-8kg

Ideal lure range 5‑18gm

The latest Fuji Fazlite KR semi-micro multi-guide train (7+1 with #5 smallest size)^

Custom Millerods anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

*In stock and available now!!

“Ian Miller has a happy place. It’s where the untouched, narrow river runs clear but wild, and full of gnarly fish habitat. He gets lost in his own world while drifting along this water, casting lures; days start with a sunrise, end with a sunset, and are simply separated by an evening fire, a cold beer and a silent review of ‘The Plan’. Because the only thing that really matters in this world is how to fool the next big bass…”

Big bass in tough water are a different beast. Always seeming to punch above their weight, they don’t know much give in the system to be able to tow you back deep in the snag, bury you hopelessly in the weeds, or just totally destroy you all ends up!

Yes, some may say, “better to have hooked and lost, than never to have hooked at all”.

But sometimes, enough is enough…

If this is how you feel – or you just hope not to this way – this rod will be of big interest!

But back to Ian’s ‘happy place’ – his local bass stream – which not for the first time has helped fine-tuna a new fishing rod.

Where the bass are willing but never easy, and just get tougher and tougher as they grow bigger. And where the river often seems to be more strewn with snags than clean bottom This is no place to muck around when it comes to extracting bass – especially when they are so tricky that you literally have to give them all the advantages just to tempt a strike.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t finesse them – in fact sometimes that approach is often a requirement. And after being handed one-too-many lessons by these big bass, enough was enough, and the ‘XH’ was born!

The Millerods BassFreak already enjoys plenty of support from keen river bass anglers all along the eastern states – and now it’s time for the new BassFreaK XH to things them to the next level!

Exhibiting the same lightness in the hand, the same accuracy of casting into tight areas, the same ability to throw a wide variety of lure sizes and types, the same balance so helpful for long repetitive casting sessions. Indeed, the same no-nonsense design. But with a massively boosted fire-power for bass extraction!

The multi-guide train of the latest Fuji Fazlite KR guides run true and easy and further enhances the overall casting and retrieving smoothness of this rod performance.

Ian’s trademark Control Freak style skeleton handle is super comfortable and also enhances the amazing sensitivity of this rod. The Fuji KSKSS reel seat has an important addition for the XH model; a carbon locking hood which gives a positive lock on the reel and most importantly helps with hand-leverage when hard-casting lures, and when hanging on tight to ‘persuade’ that giant fish!

So, get ready to place a topwater perfectly in the strike zone; run that Flashy through the darkest, gnarliest part of the snag; get down and dirty around the thickest weed beds!

Ian’s recommendations:

-Small-medium size spin reel (eg Shimano 2500)

-Up to 10lb braid

-Up to 16lb leader^

-Very heavy drag setting and hang on! (“Don’t high-stick next to the canoe though!!”)



^Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. All Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.mind.

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