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Thinness, sensitivity, visibility, strength, smoothness, proper stiffness: what the Eging angler wants most. EGIXITE is ultimate PE braided line for Eging which meets all the below elements.

  1. High strength HPPE fiber enables usage of a line that is one size thinner, making it difficult to have a strong effect from the flow of tide and winds.
  2. Egixite has low elongation due to special braiding technology. It makes it easier to catch the bite with this highly sensitive PE line.
  3. The newly developed “Triple Silicon Coating” makes the skin of the line much smoother and with further casting ability, minimizing noise with the guide.
  4. Egixite has good tractability due to proper stiffness, eliminating potential trouble with the line on the rod guide.
  5. It can be used for not only Eging from shore, but also for ika (squid) metal and Tiprun Eging.
  6. Egixite is the specialized Eging PE braided line made for Eging.

P.E 0.6 14LB, PE 0.4 8LB, PE 1.0 18LB, PE 1.2 22LB

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